Welder HR4-00032

Job Purpose

The Welder is responsible for manual welding and automated welding (machine welding).  The job will focus on preparation and applicaiton of hardmetal via MIG and PTA, TOG experience, a plus

Key Duties & Responsibilities

•Sets-up, adjusts and manually welds hardband components.

Sets-up, adjusts and operates the automated welding machines.
•Communicate with leads, supervisors and planners on a daily basis to assure routers and schedules are accurate.
•Required to maintain dimensional tolerances in the areas that are ground & polished.

•Ensure all bodies are ground and polished to Quality standards at all times.
•Play an active role in regards to “Lean” processes by working and communicating with Planning, Quality, and Peers to identify and implement ways to improve flow to increase throughput.
•Competently utilize ERP System to perform work.

Required Skills/Experience

Understand basic tooling, its purpose and how to evaluate wear limits and change as required.
•Working knowledge of precision measuring equipment(calipers and micrometers).
•Intimate knowledge of power supply, welding parameters, current/voltage, pulsed-current method, welding procedures (WPS), shielding gases flow and backing gases, ASME Section 9 and Critical Welding to ASME B31.3; Severe Cyclic Conditions.
•Able to demonstrate capabilities in the following techniques: free-hand w/pedal controls, roll-out w/pedal controls in 1G & 2G positions, proper fit-up of open & closed root.
•Able to weld WPS combinations of dissimilar base metals (Exotic): 316L, Nitronic 50HS, Nitronic 60 & 60HS, Super Duplex 2507, Inconel 625 & 718.
•Able to lift up to 50 pounds and individual parts weighing up to 10 pounds.
•Able to work planned and unplanned overtime.
•Possess welding gloves and hood for testing on: 316L to Nitronic 50HS Tubing 3/8 x .065W and Nitronic 50HS to Nitronic 50HS 1.250 X 1/250. 

Desired Skills/Experience

Advanced education or specialized certifications preferred.

Closing Date

31 October 2018

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